Process and Advantages of Dental Implants Dublin

Dental implants

We all think and feel like our teeth are as strong as stones. But are they really that strong? If you look after them from early childhood and maintain good dental care habits, we are somehow sure that your teeth are in better condition than many other people. But still, that won’t make them as strong as stone because, at the end of the day, they are just bones.

If you adopt healthy oral care habits, you can escape many serious dental diseases, infections, etc. But the once risk will always prevail- and that is losing your teeth to a bad fall or accident. Not all people need dental implants, Dublin, or root canal treatments because their teeth are weak, infected, crooked, or chipped off.

Sometimes, even the people with the healthiest teeth can lose one or two- these are mostly people who lost their teeth in a bad fall or accident. In that case, you still need not worry, because you can have an artificial replacement which will feel and look as good as your natural teeth. It will be the same in shape, size, color, and will work perfectly normal. Also, the best part is it will last a lifetime. As careful as you need to be with your teeth, you still don’t need to worry in bad times because you can always have dental implants in Dublin. You just need to book an appointment with a dentist, discuss your issue, and start your treatment at the earliest.

Dental implants Dublin are affordable than many other implants and tooth replacements. Also, they have a longer lifespan as compared to all other alternatives. The process is quite simple and less painful, too- so don’t fear anything and have your dental implants in case you need them.

Process of Dental implant Dublin

In case you don’t know what dental implants are- let us tell you! They are artificial/laboratory-made tooth roots that resemble the shape of silver or metal screws. They can be placed in your jawbone and eventually fuse in the real bone- looking and feeling natural! They act as a base and provide a strong grip to the artificial tooth, also known as crowns. These crowns are custom-made and specially made for each patient according to their tooth shape and size. They are further scaled and whitened to match the individual’s other teeth. An abutment or connector is also involved in the process of dental implants- they serve the purpose of a connector by acting as a bridge between the artificial roots and crowns.

The dental implant process might take a few months as doctors do each step and wait for the bone to heal before moving further. As the healing process is natural and can vary from person to person- the time frame is different for everyone. But in general, it takes around 2-3 months between each step. Once finished, you need not worry about anything because they are your artificial yet natural teeth. Look after them like any other teeth to avoid the risk of any mishap. Moreover, they are your teeth for a lifetime now, so treat them well!


Advantages of Dental Implants Dublin

Here are some of the noteworthy advantages of Dental Implants Dublin.

Improved speech.

If you are not in favor of dental implants, here is something to consider. The other option you have is dentures, and if you have them remember with poor-fitting of the fake tooth, the teeth can slip inside the mouth, making you murmur or slur your words. They also affect your eating habits and make you uncomfortable and more conscious of everything. Dental implants are best in this regard because they permit you to talk easily and comfortably without the concern that teeth may slip or come out. If you are a talkative person or your job requires you to speak and communicate a lot, consider dental implants instead of dentures, etc.


Comfort and peace over anything- no matter what. Losing your teeth was one thing, but replacing it with something uncomfortable is a pain for life. You should know that whatever alternative you are going for will become a piece of you for the lifetime; hence go for dental implants as they reduce the uneasiness of removable false teeth.

 Improved appearance.

Dental implants in Dublin closely resemble your own teeth. Also, because they are intended to combine with bone, they become perpetual. Also, as they are designed in such a way to feel normal- they also look normal and better than dentures, etc. They enhance your appearance and add a lot to your confidence and self-esteem.

Easy Eating.

Sliding false teeth or dentures can make biting troublesome. And you obviously don’t want to miss out on your favorite foods or fear your teeth coming out in a cafe, public place, or dinner time. That can make you feel embarrassed and affect your self-esteem level. Dental implants Dublin work like your own teeth, permitting you to eat your favorite meals without any discomfort or fear.

Easy application.

Removable false teeth are only that; removable. It might feel good for now that you can put them on and off at your convenience. But that’s not good for sure. What if you lose them? Or forget to wear them. How many times are you going to invest in them? Of course, not many, but will you like to stay toothless for long, again? No. Dental implants are a blessing as they are a permanent and one-time investment. They also eliminate the humiliating burden of eliminating false teeth.


Dental implants are truly tough and will last many years, unlike dentures and another removable fake take. If you take proper care of your dental implants, they will endure forever.


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