Different Types of Dental Braces Treatments in India

Dental braces

Some people may have god gifted healthy smile with a perfect set of teeth. But not all have that natural healthy smile. Perfectly organized teeth not only give perfect smile but also functions better and last longer than crocked and crowded teeth.

If you don’t have a perfect smile there not to worry, a specialized orthodontist provides the treatment for care and correction for any misalignment or improper gaping between teeth. The orthodontist makes this possible with the help of devices called braces. Dental braces are the device that wound the teeth over time and correct the alignment of the teeth or bite by getting them into the original position.

There are many types of dental braces available in the market, but an orthodontist will suggest you the best one according to the severity of the issue and your age.

  1. Metal Braces-

Metal braces are the traditional, more effective, and cost-efficient option in dental braces. In metal braces high-grade stainless-steel brackets are used to wound the teeth and these brackets are secured through archwire. On tightening of the archwire ensures the pressure on the teeth to move it in its original position.

After the installation of the metal braces orthodontist may suggest avoiding intake of hard food to avoid the dislodgement of brackets. This type of braces may concern as this is more visible and won’t make the right impression at workplaces or social events.

  1. Ceramic Braces-

Ceramic braces are used as alternatives to metal braces, where ceramic is used to make the brackets just as metal is used in the metal braces.

Ceramic is hi-tech composite material white in color. White-colored ceramic brackets blend with teeth to make them less visible. This is the best option for teenagers and adults who are more concerned about looks and appearance.

Ceramic braces are more durable than metal braces and resistant to stains caused by food, coffee, and smoking.

  1. Invisalign Brace-

Invisalign braces one of the modern options comprised of mouth guard-like, computer fabricated structure according to the jaw. Clear plastic made aligners makes it virtually invisible and more comfortable to wear. In Invisalign braces, there is no risk of rubbing gums against the metal of braces.

In Invisalign braces treatment a patient needs to wear a brace for two weeks each which helps to aligns the teeth in the preferred position.  The main advantage of these braces is patient does not need to concern about diet as this can be taken out easily before eating and cleaning.

  1. Lingual BracesLingual braces also called inside braces as these braces are bonded behind the teeth. These braces are fitted from the inner part of teeth each bracket is placed on a separate tooth. These braces installation needs a skillful orthodontist.

Just like in any other traditional braces treatment archwire connect all the brackets and align the teeth in a preferred position after tightening the archwire. 

This brace treatment is time-consuming as each bracket needs to be custom made. The inner side placement of the brackets makes it more challenging for cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene. Some patients may feel discomfort in speaking.

Not all of us have the same teeth, mouth, or jaw structure, so everyone’s need for orthodontic treatment is unique. Only after the visit, your dentist clinic may advise the best option according to your orthodontic problem.

It is advisable to visit a dental clinic regularly to get after-treatment precautions that make the difference in the end result. The main motive of orthodontic treatment is to acquire a confident healthy smile!

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