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Top 8 Breathing exercises

The relationship between you and your breath is astonishing and can be honed and fortified through an anticipated demonstration of yoga and yoga unwinding. As Jennifer puts it, “When you feel the breath, your mind can hush up”. Her brief yet unimaginable video exhorts us that at whatever point the interferences of the step by step life divert us from our methodologies, we can use our breath to arrange and center ourselves.

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Tactics To rebuild your relationship with food

relationship with food
relationship with food

For many individuals, eating food is quite a straightforward process. What has initiated out as the biological necessity is being transformed fast into distinct emotions, ideas, memories, and rituals. At times depending upon mood, people may end up either eating more or under-eating. But now it is the best time to re-evaluate your relationship with food. Developing extremely healthy relationships with the food you consume requires a few conscious efforts. This will involve eating in a highly relaxed manner, picking up your individualized preferences, practicing balanced eating, and flexibility in whatever you are consuming.

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